Col. Charles P. O'Sullivan
Hero of Injury Slight: Please Advise

Dr. Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi
Expert on the Gende people of New Guinea

Mrs. Mareelee O'Sullivan
Wife of Col. Charles P. O'Sullivan

Mr. Lewis Lockhart
WWII Fighter Pilot - Flew with Col. O'Sullivan

Shooting began in January 2006 with an in-depth interview with Col. Charles O'Sullivan at his home in Arkansas.  Col. O'Sullivan shared his experiences while in the jungles of New Guinea during WWII.  


A few days later our cameras were in Pennsylvania at the home of Dr. Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi, anthropologist and expert on the Gende people of Papua New Guinea.  Dr. Zimmer-Tamakoshi has studied societies and cultures in the same region that Col. O'Sullivan's story takes place.  


During the summer of 2006 we caught up with the O'Sullivans again, this time to collect Mrs. O'Sullivan's side of the story.  Mareelee O'Sullivan had not seen her husband in nearly two years when she received a telegram stating that he was missing in action in Papua New Guinea.  


In October we visited with Mr. Lewis Lockhart in Tennessee.  Mr. Lockhart was flying as Col. O'Sullivan's wingman on the day he crashed in New Guinea.  We were able to capture his perspective in an interview about this incredible story.


Sony Kuroro

Arriving in the Ramu River Valley near the crash site of O'Sullivan's P-38, we located Sony Kuroro through a local mission station. Sony's account of the "American Pilot" who entered their village in 1943 is an incredible parallel of the story O'Sullivan tells himself.

Jack Iles and Bob Iles
Jack Iles is one of the Australian commandos who aided Sully in returning to his base. Jack's son, Bob Iles, gave an interview on behalf of his father, describing a WWII service diary that mentions the day Sullivan entered the Aussie camp after surviving the jungle for a month.

Steve Cushman
Logistics planning for the trip to New Guinea was done by Steve Cushman, of Go Remote, Inc. Steve has been to New Guinea on several occassions and is credited with the discovery of another WWII airplane.
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